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5月4日出版的美國Time推選出2007 “The most influential people in the world”,也就是《時代周刊》年度的 The Time 100, 頗具喜劇成分的是當今世界唯一超級大國-美國,其總統小布什居然榜上無名。

The Time 100上榜的華人共有7位。居于首位的當然是我國國家領導人胡錦濤,(這是胡主席第三次入選The Time 100)為其作序言的是原美國副國務卿,據有關媒體評述此君對中國頗有好感。他的評述文字簡潔易懂,請允許我將其原文貼出:
I first met Hu Jintao during his visit to Washington in 2002, shortly before his ascension to the pinnacle posts in China. Although our meeting was brief, I was impressed by Hu’s knowledge and intelligence, which he conveyed with confidence. I also noticed his disciplined caution, a restraint forged over years of careful preparation and promotion.

President Hu had been favored in 1992 by Deng Xiaoping to be paramount among China’s “Fourth Generation” of leaders. Hu’s rise through the party’s Youth League gave him a network of influence that embodies his attributes of stewardship: loyalty; composed control; dutiful service, including as party secretary in two of China’s poorest provinces; and close consultation to build consensus. Hu’s vision has been to build a “harmonious society.” He aims to overcome the great internal economic and social tensions that have been brought on in part by China’s extraordinary growth.

Given this domestic challenge, Hu has sought a benign external environment. It is an irony, then, that China’s economic success has created an external challenge that competes for Hu’s attention. China is fast becoming a major influence in the world, prompting the question of whether China will be a “responsible stakeholder” in the international system. Hu, 64, has felt the need to explain plans for a “peaceful rise.” At the Party Congress later this year, as he approaches the likely halfway point in his tenure, Hu will need to guide the critical promotions and assignments of China’s senior personnel. His greatest legacy may turn out to be selecting the leadership that will continue his domestic strategy while moving more quickly to position China constructively in the world. The unanswered question is whether the approach to reforms will go beyond the material and social.

by Zoellick was U.S. Trade Representative and Deputy Secretary of State. He is a vice chairman at Goldman Sachs


還有北京市市委書記、奧組委主席劉淇,借2008奧運東風沖進百強。他設定每月11號為”學習排隊日” (Learn to line up day),并且發起改變市民隨地吐痰,整潔出租車,學好英語和維持洗手間清潔的運動。旨在削除陋習,展現北京新面貌。

其他還有QQ總裁馬化騰、亚洲投资公司淡马锡行政总裁何晶、香港首富李嘉诚、Youtube创办人陈士骏以及艾滋病維權人士胡佳的妻子曾金燕(note:a politically sensitive figure )


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