The Time 100

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5月4日出版的美國Time推選出2007 “The most influential people in the world”,也就是《時代周刊》年度的 The Time 100, 頗具喜劇成分的是當今世界唯一超級大國-美國,其總統小布什居然榜上無名。 The Time 100上榜的華人共有7位。居于首位的當然是我國國家領導人胡錦濤,(這是胡主席第三次入選The Time 100)為其作序言的是原美國副國務卿,據有關媒體評述此君對中國頗有好感。他的評述文字簡潔易懂,請允許我將其原文貼出: I first met Hu Jintao during his visit to Washington in 2002, shortly before his ascension to the pinnacle posts in China. Although our meeting was brief, I was impressed by Hu’s knowledge and intelligence, which he conveyed […]