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If China were the poorest, under-developed and uncivilized country in the earth, it would, at least, enjoy a widely-known reputation to the outside world- it has the largest population, outnumbering any single country!

Several decades ago, Chairman Mao called upon his fellows to give as many births as possible to this newly-born country coz so-called western evil powers were still casting a long shadow upon it. The reason was very simple for him and his administration: more hands, more strength. It seemed to work at that special period of time. Nobody could ignore its growing power. It made sense in some way.

The twenty-first century sees China’s fast-growing development and it becoming the world’s economic powerhouse. We may have every reason to enjoy the fame and success. However if these achievements were equally given to every single person, you would not feel a thing. That is also the country’s a long-time complaining to the western capital powers (only as an excuse to take lesser responsibilities for the international community) – China’s developing fast but it still possesses an uneven economic distribution and unstable economic foundation and a large population as well.

I might go so far with this topic, off the subject a little bit. Okay let’s come back.To the majority of Chinese people, everybody has the very same experience when they take a bus. So many people become more aggressive as a bus is still pulling in. Regardless traditional virtues of this great but withering civilization, they pop up to take a upper hand and elbow their way into the bus as if hungry wolves have seen the flesh. Don’t tell me that a civilized city dweller should be standing in a line. There is no wait at all because seats are not waving a hello to you. You can imagine what happen next after everybody pulls out all stops. In the bus, crowded as possible as you can expect, everybody is jostling against one another even one feels it an mission impossible to find a standing point, stuffy air and not to your surprise, inside bus smells of garlic and onion, oh Lord bless you!

I don’t own a car coz I am not rich enough and don’t feel it necessary and convenient. I just take a bus to my company everyday. Frustrated as a bus commuter, I have a question, why is China the most populated country?

My American friend MAC once told me a simple fact in his home country- if a department store cashier did like her Chinese counterpart (serving for a seemingly endless waiting line), she would kill herself by a pistol right away! LOL. Worse than that is a bus driver’s responsibility for the passengers on board. Once I took a bus from where I was living to a small town nearby. Half an hour later we were speeding down on an open highway. I was sitting near the driver, and I accidentally noticed the speedometer. It stopped working- the needle sits limply at zero. Of course we were going too fast. But the driver simply patted back a yawn and lighted a cigarette.

Soon we entered that town with a posted speed limit of 60 m/h, but rather than slowed down, the driver sounded the horn repeatedly to worn pedestrians, vehicles and animals to get out of his way. Within only one hour we had twice braked abruptly enough to push my upper torso into the seat in front of me, swerved at the last second to avoid an oncoming lorry, passed on a blind curve, forced an van off the road and skidded on a gravel shoulder, scraping the guard rail. I left the bus unscathed finally. I uttered a sigh: it was my luck that day. This is quite common, you know.

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rear | 06/21/2007

yeah i agree with you

bt | 08/26/2007

well done

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