Being Nobody

We are taught from our childhood to make a name in the world, to become well-known, successful or somebody special. Every child is poisoned with the idea of being somebody, and the simple reality is that we are still nobodies. And the reality is tremendously true to some extent. Just to be a nobody brings such joy and such ecstasy that one cannot even imagine it. On a large number of occasions fame brings nothing, just boils oneself. My definition of real achievement is that something you have achieved cannot be taken away by death. Anything that can be taken away by death is not a real achievement but only a pseudo achievement, toys to play with.

Become a nobody from this moment and enjoy peaceful mind and the freedom that brings. Become anonymous and see the joy! There is no worry and no anxiety. Because there is no ego you don’t feel hurt. Nothing can hurt you. Somebody can insult you and you can stand there watching and enjoying it because there is nobody inside you to feel hurt, there is nobody to be wounded. You can keep calm and smile at almost everything in life.
The day a man can enjoy and laugh while he is being insulted he has already achieved something; he has become part of eternity. Naturally he has entered the world of the immortals. tags: ,


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Hello, the Matrix.

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