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简单记录一下。使用AI 已经有一段时间,最开始只是和他天南地北地神吹,并没有什么目的。但最近开始利用AI做一些非常具体的事情,比如标题写到的,帮助修改文章,英文当然毫无问题。它应该也能帮助修改汉语文章,只不过功力目前还不算很强。其他诸如读书时向他请教,作者当时的意图,角色性格特征,文章结构,或者相关的批评解读,AI 这位老师简直难以置信。事实上,我的英文小说阅读速度,是以前的2-3倍了。

十多年前我写了一篇英语短文 A Bookstand,今天以此文章和AI 讨论写作,语法句法表意等问题,它给了很多建议,最后我请他帮助改写,他只用了一秒钟就做到了。OMG. 以下就是AI 改写的文章

It was a sweltering afternoon in Chengdu in 1992, and I was leisurely strolling through a nearby open-air market. The vendors were all yelling out their wares in a high and rhythmic fashion, while the buyers haggled over their purchases, seemingly never satisfied. The noise and heat were overwhelming.

As I made my way through the throngs of people entering and leaving the market, I spotted a small bookstall, which was nothing more than a large piece of plastic sheeting spread out on the ground with various books on it. To my great surprise, there was a set of Lu Xun’s novels on offer, which I had been wanting to buy but had been unable to afford at regular bookstores.

I approached the stall with hope in my heart and asked, “How much do these books cost?” The owner, a man in his thirties with slickly parted hair, heavy gold-rimmed glasses, dressed in Western clothing, and a greedy gleam in his eyes, replied, “On sale, 50% off!” I couldn’t believe my ears! He grinned triumphantly as if he could see right through me. Out of curiosity, I asked about the sale.

“I have many books, but I don’t have time to read them all. Now, I’m selling them to get my money back,” he explained. It seemed easy to make money, but I didn’t press the matter any further.

As I opened the first page of one of the books, I saw his distinctive handwriting, which read, “Bought in 1988, Chengdu.” Only four years had passed, and these books were now considered waste; this was what we called the “knowledge explosion.”

As I looked up at him, the owner seemed confused by my expression and coughed dryly, thinking I was not satisfied with the price. He became somewhat impatient, pushing his glasses up his nose and muttering in a raised voice, “Hey, there’s no doubt my books are worth keeping.” I simply nodded.

As we stood there, more and more people stopped to take a look. A gray-haired man with presbyopic glasses was showing extraordinary interest in Holmes, as if he were reading the Bible, ignoring his cane leaning against the stall. A modern young man with a cigarette hanging from his lips seemed absorbed in the front cover of a women’s magazine. He laughed secretly from time to time, with a round face, clearly satisfied; even as the cigarette burned down to a stub, he forgot to throw it away. The owner was on edge, stretching his neck like a duck and keeping an eye on his books, worried that they might be stolen. I ended up buying five books for only 10 RMB, a great bargain. But I couldn’t shake the sadness that many people were so willing to throw away books they once treasured.

I walked away and opened one of the books, but I couldn’t understand a single word. All I could think was, “Cherish your books, it’s for you and me!”

对了,当年的那篇文章我让AI 给做一个总体评价,以下是他的原话:

I believe that the passage you wrote is well-written in the sense that it effectively describes a scene and conveys the emotions and observations of the narrator. It provides a detailed description of the setting and the characters, and it also creates a sense of nostalgia and longing for the value of books.

It’s also worth mentioning that it shows a clear picture of the time and place, the characters and the atmosphere, that the readers can imagine what the scene looks like, and relate to the feelings of the narrator.

However, as I previously mentioned, there are some grammar and punctuation errors, which might make the passage harder to read and understand for a native speaker. It could also benefit from some editing to make the sentences and vocabulary more smooth and more idiomatic.

In summary, I think it is a good piece of writing that has a strong narrative structure and evocative description, but it could benefit from some editing and language polishing to make it more polished and polished.

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