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 一群特殊的人 绵延纵深的落基山脉是他的家园,苍天为被,大地作床。骑在马背上的美国牛仔是生活在广袤西部的先行者。他们出生的时候肤色往往是白色的,在炎热阳光,风霜雪雨的自然作用下,他们变得黝黑黝黑的,不过很少有人会介意。他们几乎不会读书写作-这些并不重要!他们要求的素质与众不同: “He had to know something about cow psychology I mean, know what a cow’s idea are. I won’t say what her thoughts are, because she didn’t have any more thoughts than the average man has, but she has instincts. Now, a cowman didn’t have to own cattle, but he had to know cattle!” […]